• Gear

  • I don't have my own studio, but carry all my gear to the various studios and places I work in. As I lean more towards  a hybrid setup I own various analog gear as well as high class digital gear.

    Below is an equipment list that gives you an overview about my favorite pieces.

      • Great River MP2-NV
        Great River MP2-NV
      • api 225L
        api 225L
      • Radial Workhorse
        Radial Workhorse
      • Millennia TD-1
        Millennia TD-1
      • Brent Averill api 512 (vintage)
        Brent Averill api 512 (vintage)
      • Studer Valve
        Studer Valve
      • Neumann RS 442
        Neumann RS 442
      • Chandler MRM
        Chandler MRM
      • UAD Teletronix LA-2A
        UAD Teletronix LA-2A
      • Meyer Sound HD-1
        Meyer Sound HD-1
      • Earthworks ZDT 144, Chandler TG-2
        Earthworks ZDT 144, Chandler TG-2
      • Schoepf M7 replace head
        Schoepf M7 replace head
      • Schoepf Tube w/ U47 head
        Schoepf Tube w/ U47 head
      • Schoepf ribbon mic
        Schoepf ribbon mic
      • Royer R101
        Royer R101
      • Earthworks SR25
        Earthworks SR25
      • Audix D2
        Audix D2
  • Equipment

    SSL Sigma 32 channel
    Chandler MRM 32 channels
    Pro Tools HDX 3 with Merging Technologies Hardware
    Horus (2), Hapi with Premium analog cards (40 channel)
    Pyramix 10 (masscore)
    Pro Tools 12
    api 2500 Compressor
    Teletronix LA-2A Compressor
    api 225L compressors (24)
    dbx 166 stereo compressor
    NTP 179-400 (6)
    Höf Studiomaster
    Mastering Outboard:
    Chandler TG 12345 Curve Bender EQ
    Lavry AD122-96 MX AD Converter
    TC M-5000
    TC 96 Finalizer
    Meyer Sound HD-1
    Bose Mediamate
    Weston UM Pro 50 in-ear
    TC M-5000
    Lexicon PCM-80 Reverb
    Earthworks 1024
    Chandler TG-2 (2)
    Radial Workhorse 
    w/ api512 (vintage) (2), 
    api 512 (reissue), 
    api 312 (vintage), 
    Ampete mic-amp (2)
    Studer Valve
    Demeter VTMP-2b
    Great River Electronics
    Millennia TD-1
    Millennia HV-3D
    Digidesign Pre
    Neumann RS 442 Splitter (40 channel) 
    Klark Teknik DN60
    Little Labs Distro Amp
  • Microphones

    Schoepf Tube exchangable system
    with U47, U67, M7 heads
    Schoepf ribbon-mic with built in micpre
    Royer R-101 Ribbon
    Earthworks SR 25 (2)
    Earthworks SR 30 (2)
    Earthworks DP30/C (5)
    Crown SAS (Pro)
    Crown PZM plate
    Shure SM-57 (4)
    AKG “The Tube”
    Audio Technika AE 2500
    Audio D2 (2)
    AKG D112 (2)
    Sennheiser e604 (6)