• Curriculum Vitae

  • Charlie Bauerfeind


    Recording-, Mixing-, Mastering-Engineer

    - Karl Rudolf Bauerfeind, born 05/30/1963 in Erlangen, West Germany 

    - 1969-1980 classical piano-lessons with private teachers
    - 1973-1980 drum-lessons with private teachers
    - 1980-1986 working as a drummer in various bands
    - 1981-1986 engineered various pre-productions and demos for local bands 
    - From January 1987 to March 1989, studying Music, Production & Engineering at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA
    - From September 1988 to March 1989 assistant engineer at "Downtown Recorders Boston"
    - From Summer 1988 to March 1989 worked as a free-lance engineer for demo- and recordproductions in studios in Boston and New York

    - Since June 1989 working as a producer/engineer in various studios around the world

  • Studiolist


    DOWNTOWN RECORDERS BOSTON Boston/USA, AIR-SOUND STUDIOS Boston/USA, QUADRASONIC STUDIOS New York/USA,MARATHON STUDIOS New York/USA, WISSELOORD STUDIOS Hilversum/NL, LAKE SIDE STUDIOS Utting/Germany, WERYTON STUDIOS Munich/Germany, UNION STUDIOS Munich/Germany, AHA-STUDIOS Munich/Germany, HORUS SOUND STUDIO Hannover/Germany, PEPPERMINT PARK STUDIOS Hannover/Germany, STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN STUDIO Hannover/Germany, STACCATO STUDIO Hannover/Germany,CHATEAU DU PAPE STUDIOS Hamburg/Germany, VOX KLANGSTUDIO Hamburg/Germany, KARO STUDIO Hamburg/Germany, HANSEN STUDIO Hamburg/Germany, PREUSSENTON STUDIO Berlin/Germany, RED ROOSTER STUDIO Tutzing/Germany, PRINCIPAL STUDIOS Muenster/Germany, CAS STUDIOS Saarbruecken/Germany, P-STUDIOS Budapest/Hungary, RASH STUDIOSGelsenkirchen/Germany, VOICELAND STUDIO Alfeld/Germany, BIG HOUSE STUDIOS Hannover/Germany, CCC STUDIO Braeuningshof/Germany, REEL WORLD Nuernberg/Germany, GROOVERIA ELECTRO ACUSTICA Sao Paulo/Brazil, BE-BOP Sao Paulo/Brazil, SKY STUDIO Munich/Germany, SWEET SILENCE STUDIO Kopenhagen/Denmark, TWILIGHT HALL Studio Krefeld/Germany, MI SUENO Studio Tenerif/Canary Islands, STUDIO FREDMANN Gothenburg/Sweden, LUNDGAARD STUDIOS Vejen/Denmark, PAMA STUDIOS Torsas/Sweden, SONIC TRAIN STUDIOS Varberg/Sweden, HOUSE OF MUSIC STUDIOS, Winterbach ANGELSTUDIOS London/UK, GEMS 24 STUDIO Boston/UK, BIRGHTONELECTRIC STUDIO Brighton/UK, G-TRAX STUDIO Ebermannstadt/Germany, YELLOW HOUSE Tesserete, Switzerland, HOFA STUDIOS, Karlsdorf, Germany