• Mixing

  • Mixing - the most crucial and most fun part of a production:

    After having mixed solely in the box (ITB) for about 15 years, I finally decided to go hybrid in 2011. With 32 channels of all discrete Chandler mini-rack-mixer (MRM) for a "colored-fat" sounding mix, or 32 channel SSL Sigma summing mixer for a "fast-response", SSL signature colored mix, or combination of both using the SSL sigma as "automation-pre-mixer" for the MRM to get a nice combination of both colors, or a pure digital ITB mix, I can offer to my clients very flexible setups for any mix situation.

    Running a Merging Technologies premium cards (for DXD/DXD Pyramix-10 based high resolution mixes) AD-DA, setup with 2 Horus, 1 Hapi, a Pro Tools 12/HDX 3 setup (for mixes up to 192kHz, with tons of Plugins) as well as 24 channels of api 225L compressors , gives me all the tools to give your project a world class sound.

    A set of Meyer Sound HD-1 (which I use since 25 years day-in-day-out) as well as small-speaker setups from BOSE up to a Westone in-ear setup, give me the freedom to mix in any suitable environment, whatsoever.

    Drop me a note for a mix-session quote or any info about the possibilities of making you project sound as great as it deserves to sound.